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MINES V1.02 A Minesweeper for DOS. Here you find more about my minesweeper.
MINES.ZIP (70,9k)

This program allows the transformation of an ASCII-file, for example containing computed data, into the DXF-format (AutoCAD). The DXF-file can then be imported into CorelDraw, Designer, etc.

The format of the ASCII-file: This file must contain two columns. In the first column the x- and in the scound column the y-values. Comments are allowed. A commend-line must begin with #. Two line segments are separated by a blank line. Short Example:

               # Example for a data-file
               # x-value   y-value
               #First Line Segment
               0.0000      1.0000
               1.0000      2.0475
               2.4605      4.4547 
               6.7700      2.3445
               3.0000      4.5999

               #Second Line Segment
               8.34465    8.45646             
               12.8988    67.7788
               -5.7588    33.4564
               -22.678    -2.5767

Screenshot Example of Application

Hint:For this version of MAKEDXF help not yet available, therefore the option "-h" has no effect!

FERMI With FERMI.EXE you can calculate der Fermi-Energy of semiconductors in dependence of temperature and several other parameters. Here you can find informations about the Fermi-Energy, i.e. meaning of the Fermi-Energy and the equartions.
FERMI.ZIP (31,8k)

With RUNNING you can compute a three-dimensional wire-model of a IC package. This program was written using Borland C++ 5.02. The following parameters are available:

PinNumber : the PinNumber must be a multiple of 4
Length : is the length of the IC
WidthMid : is the width in the middle of the package
WidthEdge : is the width in the top and bottom edge of the package
Height : is the height of the package
JumpHeight : is jump height of the package
Peride : is the peride of one cos-oscillation
StartPhase : is the phase at which the jump starts
AngleXY : is the rotation angle is the XY-plane
AngleYZ : is the rotation angle is the YZ-plane
FrameWidth : is the width of the square-shaped frame
R00 : is a 3-dim. point which define the position of the origin:
R00.X = ..., R00.Y = ... , R00.Z = ...


RUNNING.ZIP (451,4k)

This is a very little tool for HTML-programming written with Borland C++ Builder 4. If you set a color, the corresponding HTML-colorcode will be displayed in the following format: #RRGGBB, with 00 <= RR,GG,BB <= FF.

There exist also an inverse mode. Here you set the three color (R,G,B) as HEX-values (00..FF). In this case the color has the format RRR,GGG,BBB, with 0 <= RRR,GGG,BBB <= 255. If the option "prozentual" is enabled the format would be 0 <= RRR,GGG,BBB <= 100.

If the option "nur Grauwerte" is enabled only gray colors can be chosen.

Click here for a screenshot.

FARBEN.ZIP (49,6k)