Minesweeper V1.02



The minesweeper is a DOS-program written with Borland Pascal 7.0. For a complete screenshot click here.

There exist a well known bug in the Unit crt.tpu from Borland Pascal 7.0, so that programs will not run on computers having processors faster then 200 MHz. I've found a bugfix and have compiled the Minesweeper with the patched version of Borland Pascal 7.0. Therefore the Minesweeper will also run on systems faster then 200 MHz, more.

This minesweeper is very similar to minesweeper for Windows. But there are some differences:

1. As I have mentioned above, this minesweeper is a DOS-game. And finially all people liking DOS as operating syrtem are now able to play this very nice game! No crashes, no exceptions no blue screen, no hate, no scream but only fun!
2. I have played the minesweeper for windows for many times. What have disturbed me all the time is I had to set all flags manually: For example if there is a 5 and all the field around are open but not the last 5 remaining fields, playing the minesweeper for Windows I had to set all the flags pressing the reight mousebutton five times.

Therefore this minesweeper support the autoflag-mode. Playing my minesweeper this last 5 remaining fiels can be labeled automatically: Move the mousecursor onto 5 an press both mousebuttons. After that all closed fields are flaged. But be careful you can explode if make i mistake!!

This minsweeper also support a autostart-mode. If you have started a new game the program select accidental a field. If there is no mine and no number under it the field will be open. This accidental section-procedure repeat as long as a coresponding fiels is found.


This minesweeper contain four game-level in contrast the Windows minesweeper which contain only three game-levels. The extra level is called Maximum: distributed 450 mines. If you play this game you will see that finishing the game is really difficult because of large mine-density. But it is not impossible!

Why it's a DOS-game:


Many years ago I had the idea to write a Minesweeper for DOS. At this time the Minesweeper was only availible for Windows. My purpose was to offer the possibility to other people the play this game using DOS.

Unfortunately DOS is a dieing oparation system but I hope that there are some peaple anywhere in the world who are interessed in to play this very nice game

I would be very grateful if you tell me your opinion about my Minesweeper:




My Minesweeper contain any programming errors. The reasons are very difficult to find because the malfunction are not reproducible. But work is going on to eliminate the bugs.

The most significant bug occur when playing the minesweeper. If you open a square with no mine and no number under it, sometime the following happen: The opnening-procedure around this square works well, but there will be open some other fields, which should stay in the closed-condition elsewhere in the gamefield. This happens only when the opening- procedure strike the border of the gamefield. Click here to see an example.



If you are interested in playing my minesweeper, please download it:

MINES.ZIP (70,9k)