Borland Pascal 7.0 Bug

The following program works:

  program test;


But this program dosen't work:

  program test;

  uses crt;


If you execute this program, you will see the following (error 200: divide by zero):

In the Internet I've found a site about the 'error 200: divide by zero' problem. On this page there is several times a link called 'Garbo'. Here you can find a zip-archive containing several patched crt.tpu-files for different versions of Pascal. Download it! For the Real Mode of Borland Pascal 7.0 extract the file crt70.tpu from the archive. Rename the file in crt.tpu an copy it into the directory /bp70/bin. Use the utility tpumover in the same directory to replace the old version of crt.tpu through the patched version. It is strongly recommended the make a backup of the library (turbo.tpl) before!!

The delete the old version enter:

C:\BP70\BIN>tpumover turbo -crt.tpu

To add the patched version of crt.tpu enter

C:\BP70\BIN>tpumover turbo +crt.tpu

New you can delete the file crt.tpu or keep it.

To list the content of the library enter

C:\BP70\BIN>tpumover turbo

After the compiliation of the program it works!!